Chen Lab Baylor College of Medicine


Our lab is made up of a highly engaged and collaborative team of researchers. We recognize that diverse teams do better research. We foster an environment where team members are treated equally, and where we respect and admire our differences. The team includes faculty, postdocs, students at all levels and staff.

Rui Chen Rui Chen Principal Investigator
Yumei Li Yumei Li Assistant Professor
Mira Jeong Mira Jeong Assistant Professor
Jun Wang Jun Wang Instructor
Sangbae Kim Sangbae Kim Instructor
Arpit Katiyar Arpit Katiyar Postdoctoral Researcher
Gerda Cristal Villalba Silva Gerda Cristal Villalba Silva Postdoctoral Researcher
Hafiz Muhammad Jafar Hussain Hafiz Muhammad Jafar Hussain Postdoctoral Researcher
Huayang Chen Huayang Chen Postdoctoral Researcher
Ismail Yaman Ismail Yaman Postdoctoral Researcher
Jianming Shao Jianming Shao Postdoctoral Researcher
Jiaxiong Lu Jiaxiong Lu Postdoctoral Researcher
Jin Li Jin Li Postdoctoral Researcher
Jinjing Jian Jinjing Jian Postdoctoral Researcher
Sujung Soh Sujung Soh Postdoctoral Researcher
Xuan Bao Xuan Bao Postdoctoral Researcher
Xuesen Cheng Xuesen Cheng Postdoctoral Researcher
Ye Zheng Ye Zheng Postdoctoral Researcher
Yexuan Cao Yexuan Cao Postdoctoral Researcher
Johnny (Jongsu) Choi Johnny (Jongsu) Choi Research Associate
Sabika Firasat Sabika Firasat Research Associate
Rui Luo Rui Luo Graduate Student
Sherry Fang-Shiuan Leung Sherry Fang-Shiuan Leung Graduate Student
Zhen Zuo Zhen Zuo Graduate Student
Meng Wang Meng Wang Bioinformatics Programmer
Tingting Yang Tingting Yang Bioinformatics Programmer II
Aurian Maleki Aurian Maleki Research Technician III
Jean Li Jean Li Research Technician II
Soo Oh Soo Oh Research Technician II
Alice Tian Alice Tian Undergraduate Student
Atulya Mandyam Atulya Mandyam Undergraduate Student
David Rauch David Rauch Undergraduate Student
Elie Wang Elie Wang Undergraduate Student
Grace Park Grace Park Undergraduate Student
Jocelyn Lee Jocelyn Lee Undergraduate Student
Joseph Quinlan Joseph Quinlan Undergraduate Student
Karen Zheng Karen Zheng Undergraduate Student
Maggie Bao Maggie Bao Undergraduate Student

We’re always on the lookout for new and unique perspectives.

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Ph.D. Students

Xinye Qian, Ph.D. Student 2018-2023. Current position: Lifescience Consulting Associate at Charles River Associates LinkedIn Google Scholar
Qingnan Liang, Ph.D. Student 2016-2022. Current position: Postdoc in the lab of Dr. Chen Ken at MD Anderson LinkedIn Google Scholar
Renae Bertrand, Ph.D. Student 2016-2021. Current position: Research Investigator in the lab of Dr. Yuan Pan at MD Anderson LinkedIn ResearchGate
Rachayata Dharmat, Ph.D. Student 2013-2019. Current position: Postdoctoral HHMI Research fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital LinkedIn ResearchGate
Evan Jones, Ph.D. Student 2013-2019. Current position: Founder of DxDB, LLC Consulting LinkedIn ResearchGate
Smriti Agrawal Zaneveld, Ph.D. Student 2014-2018. Current position: Founder, President, COO, Lazarus 3D, Inc. LinkedIn Google Scholar
Mingchu Xu, Ph.D. Student 2012-2017. Current position: Applied Scientist at Amazon LinkedIn Google Scholar
Jacques Zaneveld, Ph.D. Student 2010-2015. Current position: Founder and CEO at Lazarus 3D LinkedIn Google Scholar

Postdoctoral Researchers

Salma Ferdous, Postdoc 2021-2024. Current position: Consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners LinkedIn
Aiden Eblimit, Postdoc->Instructor 2003-2017. Current position: Senior Scientist of ophthalmology at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals LinkedIn

Undergraduate Researchers

Giancarlo Valenzuela, Undergraduate Student Helper 2022. Current position: Undergraduate student in Biosciences at Rice University Email
Kaitlyn Xiong, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2021. Current position: Medical Student at Yale
Nathanial Wu, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2021. Current position: Medical Student at UT Southwestern LinkedIn
Shelly Fu, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-2021. Current position: Medical Student at Baylor College of Medicine LinkedIn
Pablo Alarcon, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-2020. Current position: Graduate student at UCLA School of Dentistry LinkedIn
Chinthana Thangavel, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2020. Current position: Medical Student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso LinkedIn

Visiting Scholars

Zhirong Wang, Visiting Scholar. Current position: Zhongshang University
Wenli Deng, Visiting Scholar. Current position: The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University
Gang Zou, Visiting Scholar. Current position: Department of Ophthalmology, Ningxia Eye Hospital