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We are always interested in getting to know people that have big ideas, enjoy fast-paced environments, express positivity and have an undying faith in teamwork and tackling the most challenging problems. Positions open in the Chen lab can be found under BCM career searching page


Postdocs to uncover the genetic code of human diseases

We are recruiting audacious postdocs to uncover the genetic code of human diseases. We aim at systematically characterize the genetic variants, coding and noncoding, underlying human visual disorders. We integrate next generation sequencing, single cell omics, patient derived iPSC and retinal organoid, mice and non-human primate models, and machine learning and deep learning technologies approach to iteratively improve our ability to identify, assess, and predict the function of genetic variants in the context of human diseases. Applicants with experiences in human genetics, genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, machine learning are most welcome.

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Postdocs to create transformative technologies

We welcome innovative postdocs who will push the limit of current technologies and software tools. We are interested in advancing single cell omics technologies and applying cutting edge technologies to answer important biological questions. Ph.D.s in genomics, bioinformatics, cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, and quantitative sciences are most welcome.

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Postdocs to develop novel treatment of retinal degenerative diseases

We are looking for postdocs who are motivated to develop new cures for retinal degenerative diseases using the emerging genome editing approach. The retina is an ideal system to test and optimize the genome editing technologies as novel therapeutic approaches. In collaboration with various groups, our aim is to bring these exciting new technologies to human trial.

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Projects for graduate students

If you are interested in learning more about genetics and genomics of human diseases, single cell and other emerging omics technologies, developing novel gene therapeutics, neural regeneration, and applying and developing computational tools in large scale data analysis, our lab could be right for you. We provide ample opportunities for cross training in both wet and dry lab technologies. A list of potential projects are below:

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